What Are The Best Uses for Game Cameras?

The first order of business is to establish what a game camera is. Then, we can put them to good use in doing things that are of value. These cameras are handy little devils since they operate on batteries and the batteries last for a long time. You may have heard of these cameras referred to by other names so we’ll list them here just to keep things in perspective.

What Are The Best Uses for Game Cameras

Game cameras are AKA:

  • Scouting Cameras
  • Trail Cameras

The names sort of give away the intended purpose and use of the devices. However, a camera is a camera and they can be used in any number of applications because of their portability, independence of having to be wired to anything and because they can also have wireless transmitters that send the digital photos it takes to remote locations.

Ok, before I give away the farm, let’s list the ways in which these cameras can be used. We’ll cover each one in enough depth to convince you that it isn’t just a wild thought but rather a legitimate use that adds some value to the purpose it’s being put to use for.

Hunting – this is why the cameras were made in the first place

Wildlife Photography – this is quite the reputable business, maybe even lucrative

Property Management – know what kind of animals are coming and going

Perimeter security – the infrared versions of this camera are perfect for this


These cameras were bred for tracking game. What would you rather do, put up a deer blind and sit in for hours on end freezing your butt off but never see a decent doe or buck or pattern the habits of the deer on your property and set up your blind in the one place you’re certain they be strolling by at 6pm in the evening every day of the week?

This one is a no brainer. You’re going to use the camera to track the habits of the prey you’re after and set yourself up to bag the big one!

Wildlife Photography

What’s the one thing that always happens when you’re out with the 35mm looking to take pictures of a fox or some other rarely seen animal? They smell you and do everything they can to avoid crossing your path. If they don’t cross your path, you don’t get the picture. If you’re in the business of selling those pictures to magazines and the like, you go broke and hungry.

If you use these stash ‘em and forget about ‘em cameras in the expected areas these animals frequent, you get the picture and they don’t even know they were caught in the act. One of those pictures just might end up as you’re trophy in the same manner the hunters have the head of the big old buck stuffed and mounted as their trophy. The invisible flash infrared cameras will get that picture day or night.

Property Management

If you own a big enough tract of land, the type of animals trekking through on any given Sunday could be the undesirable type. Things like packs of wild dogs would scare off the type of animals you want to be on the property. It would be nice to know they’re there so you can take steps to eliminate the problem.

Perimeter Security

Packs of wild dogs and such aren’t the only threat to your property. The human kind of animal, the trespasser, is equally likely to try and sneak on to the property to either hunt on your posted private property or steal something of value from your outbuildings and such. You can be equally sneaky and get an infrared shot of the bastards without them even knowing it.

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