Garmin Nuvi 780

Garmin nuvi 780 received the essential satellites signal briefly when first powered on, and does in less than a minute for following operations. I noticed the display luminosity to be great for both daylight and nighttime. I have this nuvi 780 and the Garmin Portable Friction Mount. Breaking windshields and burgling GPS units is the avocation in the DC, so I needed no sign of a GPS appearance when I out of my vehicle.

Garmin nuvi 780

The friction mount operates superbly on my vehicle dashboard and sticks effortlessly in the middle console, leftovers no clue of a GPS. Very fantastic! This nuvi 780 effortlessly suits in a shirt pocket, so it’s no need to place it in the vehicle.

I experimented the nuvi 780 instantly by driving while rush hour to my sister’s home opposite the waterway in a confused streets, after that coming back at night. The Garmin nuvi 780 had no problem calculating a very swift direction to the target that detoured most of the traffic-jammed street while rushhour. On my coming back, I detoured a guidance which it was introduced. So it re-figured a new direction in less than a second that was the correct way.

The newest direction wasn’t a re-experience of the basic route, that wasn’t probable from this position, but an entirely new direction. The directions it guided were suitable for the times of daylight journey, which can be a frightening job here if you don’t know what streets go where trend while the proper rush hour.


The Blue-tooth matched speedily with my phone. It also supplied its PIN code at the suitable time. The phone procedures does excellent and it’s simple to listen. The person on the telephone line mentioned that it sounded like I stayed in a subway, that is typical for remote units for autos. I also have another Blue-tooth unit and it got the same remark.

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