Garmin nuvi 755T

This unit is advanced navigation system with real-time traffic updates, three-dimensional views, sometimeshows the actual structures, the voice command inform you the name of the street or the highway to turn on and the great feature “Lane Assist” is a great advantage when it comes to navigating in an unknown location such as during rush hour in downtown Atlanta a 8 lane highway!

Garmin nuvi 755T

It is very compact and has a lovely feeling. I also love the possibilities of using the internal speaker, or switch to the FM station to receive instructions through your car radio. Points of Interest can help you find gas station, hotels, monuments, etc effortlessly and quickly. Nice System!

Garmin has always been excellent with the routing. With this device you have taken art to a new level. I think over at the new TomTom with its quick routing and almost came to the trigger price, but this device, with what happened today, I do not disappoint with my choice. This morning I had to make deliveries to a number of Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores in Metro Phoenix, AZ market.

I went to the “Points of Interest” icon serach for Lowes, and after a short time, it was given with all the Lowe shops in the area. I go into each and stored it in a sub categories I made (Lowes Metro Phoenix), gave each appropriate store number and address and then planned my day. From house to the factory and then to four stores, and then back to the plant.

During the days I had to put another unscheduled stop. Wonderful! If I could have asked about some improvements here it would have been that each way point was displayed as I passed. Report my arrival in each place with what side of the street it would be on.

Also at each cut off the car then unit was turned off. When I came back in the car, I needed to go to “custom routes” icon where I built my route, and press the button to initiate the named route. Garmin if this could be automated, I would love it.

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