Garmin nuvi 260

Garmin nuvi 260 is a nuvi 250 with supplementary of text-to-speech (speaking real name). Unlike the text-to-speech (TTS) feature, the devices are alike of aspect and function.

Garmin nuvi 260

Why should you buy?

Many modern GPS are not for navigation (such as an MP3 player or Bluetooth). The Garmin nuvi 260 only has what I think is really needed in a GPS navigation. It’s very compact (fits easily in your pocket), effortlessly relocatable, get ready for maps with an enormous database, and a fast processor and measures the new route, it is recalculated the route in a few seconds. The cutting of unnecessary features can reduce a price, and it is easier to use.

The display touch screen on the Garmin Nuvi 260 is so intuitive, most of people can jump the whole instruction book. Just ten minutes to play with this device after getting the unit out of the box is all you need to be navigating. It is the mark for Nuvi desgin.

Unlike the top of the antenna for the Garmin 300 series, 200 series has an interior antenna, it’s a great advantage. Moreover, the display in series 200 is significantly brighter and larger than the old 300 series from Garmin.

The guiding of streets name is an advantage. The units not TTS only say “In 200 feet exit left”. That makeyou to look at the display screen to see what the road, what the exit etc., you have to navigate to. This device with TTS says “In 400 meters, take exit 24, on right, to route 80 West.” You can keep your eyes on the road with this great feature. Besides the convenience, the TTS is a safety special property, which is worth the extra cost.

Minus for Garmin nuvi 260

I am not a admirer of the windshield suction mount. Many commentators have said that the mount is not trustworthy in a long-run. Sometime it drops (which happens to me a couple of times). On a warm windy day the suction can dissolve and is hard to take it off at all, or it leaves a apparent ring on the windscreen. It is not good.

(In the past there was a significant increase in the thefts of GPS navigation devices in the car, although the device is not in sight. The police said the thieves assumed, it has GPS device hidden in a car, if a remaining ring from a suction cup was seen on the windscreen.) Save and buy the bag dash mount.

The information contained the database and the maps just a few years old. This issue is observed in all brands of GPS, not only Garmin. There are millions point of interest to follow up. Changing every day. The date that the final product is put on the market, some of them obsoletely out of date. But over 99% of the time is right and that is what I’m looking for.

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