Garmin nuvi 205

Garmin Nuvi 205 3.5-inch Portable GPS Navigator is one of the various updated models in the 200-series. It’s amusing to say, but it’s integrated with the helpful feature of high-end versions, it makes me prefer this model. It is not 4.3-inch widescreen same as 600 series or W models like the Garmin Nuvi 205W and Nuvi 255W. And you do not get the Bluetooth like other series.

Garmin nuvi 205 Review

But it gives you a GPS unit which has all the basic features, is very affordable and has been modernized with many more features than the entry models from the competition. So, if you would like to buy a GPS, it is the one which you should highlight.


The nuvi 205’s interface is very excellent, there are many subtle changes in functionality. The look and feel are absolutely slicker, but there are also extra directional brands. For more information, you must change your configuration to display “Most detail”. However, using 200 is undoubtedly a reference to the improvements.

The weakness that all GPS devices have to be overcome, is the most feared late in the search for satellites. All models and all brands have this problem to one degree or another. Now, with the Hotfix for the 205 and other updated models do search the satellite, is a bit faster than before. You still have a problem on satellite tracking in buildings, but under normal use outside to search the satellites it’s faster.

The other feature, for the upgrade is the pedestrian mode which is rarely used. Factually, it is somewhat difficult to find in the Preferences menu. But the problem was often happened with the previous generation of products was that in cities like New York with high constructions, it is very difficult to search and hold a signal long enough for pedestrian mode. Now, it still take some time, but is much faster and more reliable.

Some new features like the Garmin photo navigation and send personalized information to your GPS is very soft. You can go to the Garmin website for access to these things and more. However, the truth, all the options. It is not necessary to appreciate that things. The main function of this type, which is to give you the directions by GPS navigation system.

They must also consider the accessories such as Garmin Portable Friction Dashboard Mount for nuviseries. The window mount with suction cup may not be sufficient for your needs.


There are several things you should know about the MSN Traffic Service. For someone, it will be a great service. For others, it isn’t. Garmin should be given the special points for integration the functionality. This service is offered to other models for a moment, I am very familiar with this.

The defects are not entirely the fault of Garmin. The essence is that MSN traffic data may be not update depending on where you live. You need the updated data to reroute traffic jams during peak hours or accidents. It’s not ready for prime-time everywhere yet. And if the service improves, trust me, go to use it full time.

3D terrain maps are the result of man clamoring for altimetry data. Well, the data is now there, but it seems a bit limited. These 3D maps are not very beneficial, and it is hard to display the information without zoom out to distances that are not ideal.

Of course, Garmin is not the low cost provider when it comes to implementing units, maps and points of interest to date. But the disadvantages are low. In general, this is a beautiful and a great improvement on the boot drive.


If you need to update your Garmin nuvi 200 3.5 inch portable GPS navigation system, probably you should go to the Garmin nuvi 660 4.3-inch Portable GPS Navigator or better. If you need the first unit for yourself or as a gift, 205 has to adjust to the list of your models to consider.

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