Tips & Buying Guide

Buyer’s Guide for Game Camera

As your bait draws in attention, you can sit in the comfort of your lodge or cabin, watching intently the game close in without alerting it. A game camera lets you do this and much more. Today, these automated cameras are so advanced that they record moon phase, time of the day and take clear snaps of animals that stray across its ... Read More »

What Are The Best Uses for Game Cameras?

What Are The Best Uses for Game Cameras

The first order of business is to establish what a game camera is. Then, we can put them to good use in doing things that are of value. These cameras are handy little devils since they operate on batteries and the batteries last for a long time. You may have heard of these cameras referred to by other names so ... Read More »

Garmin nuvi 1350T

Garmin nuvi 1350T

If currently there’s a decent GPS out on the GPS market that mixes a decent user interface with high efficiency, that unit would be any of the portable GPS navigators made by Garmin Nuvi. Their extraction of GPS units is ever expanding with 5 totally different series to settle on from already which is for drivers alone. Compared to different ... Read More »

Garmin Nuvi 780

Garmin nuvi 780

Garmin nuvi 780 received the essential satellites signal briefly when first powered on, and does in less than a minute for following operations. I noticed the display luminosity to be great for both daylight and nighttime. I have this nuvi 780 and the Garmin Portable Friction Mount. Breaking windshields and burgling GPS units is the avocation in the DC, so I needed no sign of a GPS appearance ... Read More »

Garmin nuvi 755T

Garmin nuvi 755T

This unit is advanced navigation system with real-time traffic updates, three-dimensional views, sometimeshows the actual structures, the voice command inform you the name of the street or the highway to turn on and the great feature “Lane Assist” is a great advantage when it comes to navigating in an unknown location such as during rush hour in downtown Atlanta a 8 lane highway! ... Read More »

Garmin nuvi 260

Garmin nuvi 260

Garmin nuvi 260 is a nuvi 250 with supplementary of text-to-speech (speaking real name). Unlike the text-to-speech (TTS) feature, the devices are alike of aspect and function. 2 Why should you buy? Many modern GPS are not for navigation (such as an MP3 player or Bluetooth). The Garmin nuvi 260 only has what I think is really needed in a GPS navigation. It’s very compact (fits easily in ... Read More »

Garmin nuvi 205

Garmin nuvi 205 Review

Garmin Nuvi 205 3.5-inch Portable GPS Navigator is one of the various updated models in the 200-series. It’s amusing to say, but it’s integrated with the helpful feature of high-end versions, it makes me prefer this model. It is not 4.3-inch widescreen same as 600 series or W models like the Garmin Nuvi 205W and Nuvi 255W. And you do ... Read More »